You’re the greatest, your sweet face I adore,
You’re everything I want, even more.

I love you with all of my heart, I hope what we have
together never falls apart.

My heart beats fast when you look at me the way you do,
All I want in life is to be with you.

My body and soul tingle when I look into your eyes,
My love for you is so powerful, nothing can disguise.

When I’m near you I get this feeling of love,
I just don’t know how to thank the dear Lord above.

For giving to me your heart and soul,
Make me feel on top instead of low.

You make me feel so loved and wanted,
Before I met you my life was haunted.

When we are together I feel so much joy,
Others just played with my heart like it’s a toy.

When you’re around I can be myself,
I don’t have to try to be someone else.

Most of all you’re always there,
You always show me how much you care.

Now that I’ve got your love my life’s no longer blue,
Sweetie there’s just three more words
I want to say: I LOVE YOU!!


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