SO right now im busy thinking *euhh* for join cosplay competition next February. For you Guys, who dont know what cosplay is, cosplay (Costume Play) is the imitation of anime characters via the use of costumes, props, and many other outlets. And next February is time for HVP (Harajuku Visual Pop) 3 ^^

Last year I came there *HVP 2, i mean* just for bothering around *awkawkaw*, jadi istilahnya kayak pluntang-pluntung ga jelas gt deh. It’s so EXCITING for seeing a lotta guys *and girls* play as anime character and now i really want for do the same as them! yaay! At first time it feels so weird around them *you know, like first time you realize that SANTA is not TRUE* but finally it just so ordinary and even FUN! So maybe i wanna try to be cosplayer this time. BUT the problem is what character im gonna be??

Yaah rada susah mengingat make a cosplay costume is not cheap, and the makeup is not simple. As you know that Japan anime char is unique. Misalnya nih, sekali rambut panjang ya panjaaangg bgt kalo pendek jg ajiib, ditambah warnanya macem-macem. Ohh GOSH.. my hair is black, medium long, and straight because i MAKE it straight *wkwkwk*. Automatically i must change it all T.T And til now my choices is down for SUIGINTOU and SHINKU from Rozen Maiden . Hehehh ^^ Honestly, i wanna be Ichigo from Tokyo Mew-Mew or Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura. But they both have short hair and i really dont want to cut my hair !!! T.T

Suigintou is cool but i think i dont have her character. She looks so cold and selfish *wew*. Gag gw banget. Wakakakaka ^o^ And Shinku is cute and childish just like me *xP~* ehehehhh so which one? Or some of you have any idea for me?

This is Suigintou .. frightening eh?
*heey her eyes are RED!* :O

and this is Shinku ..
*see? Her hair is soooo long…and yellow.hha*

Belows are Sakura and Ichigo T.T
Ichigo and Sakura is more alive than the two before ..

Ehehehehh so whatt ^^


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